Weekend Dilemma

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Like all working girls I think I can say that I have a Weekend Outfit Dilemma. After an entire week where I must wear suits, pencil skirts, blazers and pumps, the only thing I am looking for when the weekend comes is to wander around in my pajamas/jogging pants… Don’t you?

Ok, ok… I admit that depending on the program, Saturdays will survive to laziness and I will go for skinny jeans and a navy cashmere knit but otherwise it will be sweat pants and sweat pants. Knowing I am giving a spinning class every Saturday morning, the outfit remains sporty until the end of the day. I would only get dresses-up and ready at the very last minute for a night out with my friends… here, forget about sweat pants and bring it on sequins!

One thing I have never understood is what I call the Sunday ‘pimp-up mystery’. On a Sunday, these ladies that walk their dogs as if there were front-rowing at fashion week. I am not talking about dresses or mini skirt, but the full combo with make-up, jewels, heels and tutti quanti! I’ve always though that Sunday was sneakers-day and cannot imagine going for a walk/coffee/movie with my Stan Smiths…

I guess there are two different schools. My school is no heels, no accessories, no make-up on Sundays. Me and my skin enjoy a free day only wearing day-cream and maybe for a special occasion a tiny touch of mascara. This is what I call freedom!

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Do you experience the Weekend Dilemma?

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