Where are the women

Once again France nailed it! It is the first time in it’s history that a non-grey hair relatively young independent man becomes head of State. Traditionally very conservative, France has a long tradition of ENA (National Administration School) graduated, career politician dinosaurs at its head. The French are done with this pattern and decided to break it on May 7th. They elected a brilliant young hard-working genius that is only 39! I take it like a sign of hope for our generation. A sign that if you want it and you work hard to get it, EVERYTHING is possible, even the impossible.

Being myself a convinced liberal, the fact that age and career patterns are moving means going in the right direction. Knowing that when you are 30 and ambitious you bump into many hurdles to obtain what you are hardly working for, evolution is very welcome! No need to mention that if on top of this you are a woman the picture becomes even more complex.

Talking about women, I was watching the excellent documentary on the Macron victory (“Emmanuel Macron, les coulisses d’une victoire“) that confirms a political genius in born. Only one thing stroke me while watching the closest collaborators of Macron within the En Marche party: only a single woman is seating at the table, all the rest are men. Noting, however that most of them are in their 30’s. Not that I am a firm believer in quotas but it reflects a reality: women are still under-represented in politics.

Credits @lesechos.fr

So now what? We now hope that the Macron Government will encompass a fair number of qualified women and we encourage Mr. Macron to strive for equality in his policy.

Ps: I am still a big fan of this man and trust he will do a great job! Congratulations Mr. President.


Do you think he should collaborate with more women?

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