The women’s march paved the way to a new civil society grassroots movement. Mass mobilization of people and women in particular has happened in case of major historical events such as the fight for the right to vote or to abort. It had never really been directed at protesting against an elected President.

In Europe, civil society is used to demonstrate, react and oppose politicians. As a woman, I have been raised knowing I have certain rights thanks to other women’s combat. Opposing, reacting and combating is not necessarily something we teach little girls at school but the new generation is eager to make a difference. We can observe behaviors are changing and I believe it will be a powerful tool in future times to fight against extremism and populism among political leadership.

What strikes me is how quick someone with verve can appear, get elected and destroy achievements that others spent decades to accomplish. What strikes me even more is the justification used by their supporters to explain their votes. This willingness to allow such bold measures to abolish what we though were well enshrined human rights principles. Clearly, I’m talking about Trump here (but it could unfortunately apply to many more).

I have a certain understanding on why the pro-life supporters can be against abortion. But, isn’t it something so personal that it should remain up to each and every person to decide on? What I cannot understand and absolutely reject is this willingness to not only deter but most of all to forbid women to have a CHOICE.

Trump can cut abortion funding but he will not cut freedom of speech. It is crucial to express our indignation. It is crucial to say NO and to voice the importance of women’s rights to dispose of their own bodies.

My learnings following the women’s march:

  • Women are not afraid to voice their opinions, fight and resist. They never surrender;
  • Mass mobilization is a powerful protest tool;
  • Expression is key to oppose scandalous political decisions;
  • Women must unite more than ever and fight together to maintain their rights and achieve equality.

Never surrender.


Do you support the Women’s March?!

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